40 European researchers visiting ONERA Palaiseau as part of the EREA Young Researchers event!


On 5 and 6 October 2021, the EREA Young Researchers event was held at ONERA Palaiseau, bringing together almost 40 participants with members of the Executive Secretariat and the EREA Chairman.

On this occasion the Young Researchers received excellent training to help them prepare and write competitive proposals for Horizon Europe. The event was also an ideal opportunity to develop networking and scientific contacts between Research Establishments. It is probably this latest aspect that will remain in everyone’s memory, as it was the first major European event organised face-to-face since the end of 2019.


The event enabled the participants to visit ONERA’s facilities and in particular the GRIFON bench (Lightning impact research generator[1]) and the MICADO bench (Investigation Means for Air-breathing Combustion using Optical Diagnostics[2],).

The participants also exchanged with a panel of ONERA experts and researchers who shared their varied backgrounds and experience in the fields of international development and innovation. The objective for the EREA Young Researchers, to get to know their peers in aeronautics better and to analyse the recommendations for their careers, was perfectly achieved.

This was followed by a general presentation on the EREA and its Future Sky programme, and then – the main focus of the event – a training session on “How to write a competitive proposal for Horizon Europe” by Dr. Sean McCarthy (from Hyperion) accompanied by a testimony on European project evaluations by an ONERA expert.


The EREA Young Researchers then completed their training by experiencing the evaluation phase of European projects in a very concrete way, in a session on the second day of the event.

EREA was delighted with the success of this event, which ran smoothly and allowed researchers and members of EREA to finally come together while respecting the constraints linked to the health context.


[1] https://www.onera.fr/en/valorization/resources and “ Laboratory simulation of lightning direct effect using GRIFON test bench at ONERA”, September 2015, DOI: 10.1049/ic.2015.0174 (https://digital-library.theiet.org/content/conferences/10.1049/ic.2015.0174)

[2] https://aerospacelab.onera.fr/sites/www.aerospacelab-journal.org/files/AL11-01_0.pdf