The traditional EREA Annual Event was organized this year on December 1st, at the Steigenberger Hotel in Brussels, during which the EREA Board members were delighted to welcome the participants representing the different stakeholders of the European aviation research community.

The EREA Chairman, Michel Peters (President and CEO of NLR), opened the evening by extending a warm welcome to the participants and recalling the two years of his chairmanship of EREA. During this period, EREA has improved its relations with stakeholders, supported and implemented actions related to mid- and long-term aviation research (including the finalization of the EREA Vision Study and its official handover to stakeholders last June), contributed to the preparation of the aviation partnerships, continued its work in the Future Sky initiative and increased its visibility despite a difficult health context.

EREA was honoured to have the keynote speech of the EREA Annual Event given by Mrs. Rosalinde Van Der Vlies, Director Clean Planet at the European Commission’s DG RTD.

The new aviation partnerships (a few days before their official launch) were then particularly highlighted in the continuation of the programme with the organization of a Round table on the theme “Can we innovate our way towards climate neutral and sustainable aviation?” organized with Axel Krein (Executive Director of Clean Sky 2 JU), Richard Frizon (interim Executive Director of SESAR 2020 JU) and Michel Peters, in a session moderated by the EREA Vice-Chairman, Pawel Stezycki (CEO of ILOT).